Sara Heywood is a visual artist based in East London, UK. Her practice spans over twenty years and uses a wide range of media including installation, photography, sculpture, light, sound and video to create encounters and interventions that respond to a specific location. 

The work starts with a period of research and development. This often includes exploring heritage archives, social and personal narratives and analysing specific geological, environmental or architectural features before responding with the most appropriate media. 


Projects frequently incorporate a social participatory element engaging key groups. This might take the form of interviews with local residents, workshops with schools and community groups or events with the wider community. Sara is particularly interested in the many layers that make up the identity of a place and how and why these may have been altered, eroded or adapted by different people and by different uses over time.

Sara is an experienced lead artist facilitator in visual arts education. She has worked on many projects within school, community and gallery settings including the South London Gallery, Whitechapel Gallery, Barbican Centre, Chisenhale Gallery and Bow Arts Trust.

Photo by Katherine Leedale

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